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Photographer|Designer|Business Owner|Husband|Educator

I’m a balding wedding photographer, graphic designer, husband and business owner.

Meet Drew

I never started my business with the dreams of it becoming what it is today. What all started with a friend asking me to capture photos of their wedding day has become my passion and purpose. With every season, and every photoshoot I do further strengthens my passion and purpose.

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My story as an entrepeneur started when I was in highschool believe it or not. I was the first student in my school who carried around a personal laptop so that I could type out the notes on the chalk board for each class. I was a try nerdy/techy kid to begin with, so it was only fitting that I enrolled into computer class.  The class touched on several things such as basic website coding, photo editing, word processing and more.

The coding and photo editing sparked an inner desire that I wouldn’t have ever imagined. So, If I wasn’t at school, I was devouring all online knowledge and courses for website designing & coding. Within several months I was already designing websites for local businesses and artists. I also met my boyfriend at the time and now husband in high school too. I realized that  I had profound passion for design and graduated high school in 2005 and got accepted into a 2 year graphic design course.

During college a friend begged me to photograph her wedding, I was very reluctant at first but eventually caved and said “why not!?” Little did I know it would play a pivotal role in my lifelong Photography career. My work has been published in several magazines, I have also won awards for my work in several categories.

In 2007 I opened up a small studio outside of Annapolis Royal and started for photography and graphic design. I ran that for several years before deciding to close, in turn I took on a full time graphic design job shortly after where I have worked over 13 years now, which allows me to have a fluid schedule to still keep photographing.

My husband Dana and I become parents to our loveable furless baby “Opie” He is a hairless Sphynx with a HUGE personality. We also got married during one of the worst hurricanes to ever hit our area – Hurricane Dorian. We certainly have an interesting story about it, Ha.

In 2021 we opened a Geodesic dome luxury accommodation business called ‘Port Wade Glamping Domes‘. With our past history with hospitality based jobs and knowledge it was a natural stepping stone to create our own unique stay for guests to enjoy.


Those who are curious of what my equiptment consists of, or for those tech spec curious minds. These are the pieces of gear that I love capturing memories with.

*NOTE: I am available as a 2nd shooter for fellow photographers. Lets chat if you think I could assist in your next event.

A photo of my new camera and lenses that I use for all of my photography now
  • Canon EOS R6
  • Canon RF 28-70 F/2
  • Canon RF 100m F/2.8
  • 2x Godox X2T-C Triggers
  • 2x Godox V860III Flashes

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