Frequently Asked Questions

What is your photographic style?

There are three main styles being thrown around in the wedding photography business these days: traditional, photojournalism, contemporary. As a photographer, every website and association you become a part of asks you to simplify yourself into one of these descriptive genres. Which completely represents and contains your photographic style? It can not happen. The problem is, it just isn’t that simple. And it shouldn’t be for a few reasons.

You are looking for a photographer with a strong personal style. Someone whose aesthetic will beautifully capture your wedding day just as YOU envision it. It’s important to breathe life into our photography in a way unique to ourselves. That is what you come to us for; our singular vision. But a good wedding photographer knows that it is not as simple as honing in on one particular style. They know it is all about balance. They know that without a mixture of contemporary and traditional images, you may have a happy bride but a very unhappy mother-in-law. Hmmmm, Now who wants that?

To successfully document this invaluable moment, a delicate blending of all styles, past and present, is needed. It is my job to know what is suitable for each moment, and how to best execute it.

So, when I am asked to describe my personal style, it’s difficult for me to oversimplify it. My personal style is all about cinematic portraits, engagement sessions that rival any Hollywood romance, and bridals that show you you’re far more beautiful than you realize. Shooting group formals full of laughter and joy. Successfully capturing a once in a lifetime smile, hug, or tear that will never come again. It’s about not interrupting the emotion of the day, but finding the most beautiful way in which to immortalize it.

What is your editing style?

Natural, I like for colors to be true to reality, how it was in the moment. Additionally, I like a good crisp contrast and edit my photos to be bright, vibrant, and full of light.

Do I have to decide on which package is right for me right away?

You can definitely decide on other options at any time throughout the process. If you are certain you would like to use me as your photographer, but are not certain of a second album or extra prints, you can decide this at a later time.

How many images do I get and will I receive a disk?

Family, Portraits, Newborns: I like to move around a lot utilize the surroundings and create multiple different looks, I am continuously snapping, I try to get you at least 15-30 really great images.

Weddings, functions: I capture all of the special moments as the day unfolds, I will choose the best images of the day, artistically enhance all of these images. You get a DVD with all final images, typically you will get anywhere from 400-800 images. You get all the images in full color, black and white, and antiqued. Total amount of kept photos x3.

How are my images delivered?

Both your engagement shoot and wedding photos are first delivered in an online gallery, which you can share with friends and family and also use to order prints. Additionally, for engagements, headshots or family or self-portraits, these images can get a link to download all of the files directly on to your computer if requested. This minimizes waste with shipping, as well as shortens the delivery time. Your wedding photos will be delivered beautifully packaged either by hand or mail.

Do you do albums?

Absolutely! I work with an amazing company that produces photo books of unparalleled quality. I offer a variety of different options, such as wire bound, softcover, or hardcover, book size and cover options to suit every taste.

Will you share our photos?

Yes, unless asked not to. I do share the copyrights to all of the photos, and as it states in the contract, I have the right to use them in any manner that I choose – for self-promotion, advertising, art, etc. I will often post sneak peeks on facebook, and tag you if you have liked my page. If you don’t want to be tagged in the photos please tell me.

Can I share my photos online?

Of course you can! I put a small album online to show my work that has a small watermark on them, your more than welcome to share those as well as your un-watermarked version. I just ask that you say who took the photos for you, just a little shout out with some credit is fine 🙂

Can I print my photos?

Absolutely, In fact I highly recommend it. It’s such a shame when photos just sit on a disk or hard drive and don’t get to be viewed by others. The gallery you’re provided with allows for easy, high quality printing in a variety of sizes. You can technically order prints wherever you’d like, though I cannot guarantee the quality of the results. I can order prints, canvases, mugs, etc for you and usually get better pricing for the multiple orders I do. Just some food for thought.

Do you travel abroad?

Absolutely and I look forward to it! I love switching up locations, and scenes to make your images unique. Please send me to any and all destinations! I simply ask for the cost of a flight and two nights lodging.

What should I wear for a Family or Self portrait?

Wear what you are comfortable in and what you think you look good in. In my experience I have found the best look with contrast are solid coloured shirts, such as white shirt black pants, or white or black shirt and blue jeans. These are merely suggestions, and please feel free to dress it up in any way you see fit.

What to avoid: Too much bling, overly busy patterns, anything too trendy, logos or branding add a date to your images.

What should I wear for an engagement photoshoot?

About the same as a family portrait, wear what you are comfortable in. But because we will be capturing photos most likely used to create wedding invitation cards and such with your spouse. I recommend wearing cohesive colors that lean on the side of timeless are perfect. Light colours and layers always work well and give you a chance to change up your looks throughout the session. Giving you a better variety for choosing your favourite shots.

What to avoid: Too much bling, overly busy patterns, anything too trendy, large logos or branding.